Design Thinking Workshop description

Thank you again to everyone who attended the recent Design Thinking workshop. There seems to be a consistent interest from companies, organizations, and schools in hosting this event for themselves. It’s becoming a kind of “classic” that is a great way for design professionals to build relationships with new organizations. I put together the following copy to be used by internal advocates in these organizations who want to foster interest for the event.

Design Thinking Crash Course

Short Description: A two-hour workshop that provides a vivid introduction to one of the most successful and well-known approaches to brand building and business innovation in the new global digital economy.

Background: Companies such as Apple, Google, Starbucks, and P&G are using Design Thinking to integrate all of their products, services, channels, and communications into innovative brand experiences. Their Design Thinking approach has turned their consumers into advocates. In response, many top business and design schools around the country have created Design Leadership programs to meet the demand for design savvy business leaders. The graduates of these programs appeal to those companies who need to transform not only their products, and services, but also their processes and even cultures, to be responsive to their customer’s growing complex needs and preferences. Design Thinking offers an alternative to linear analytical decision making by using a collaborative disciplined approach that builds a shared empirical empathy for the customer. The Design Thinking methodology is used by business leaders, engineers, marketers, and product designers, in areas as diverse as healthcare, sustainability, education, urban planning, new product and service development, and entertainment.

The Workshop Description: This is a two hour interactive multimedia course in the Design Thinking methodology. Participants work in pairs and groups using worksheets, and a variety of construction materials. A facilitator and coach provide contextualized instruction through a fast-paced series of activities.

Learning Outcome: Participants come away with first-hand experience in one of today’s most important trends in business, engineering, and design communities.

Key business leadership concepts include:
Building a culture of emotional engagement
Increasing speed to market.
Leading cross-discipline collaboration
Having a bias towards action
Business model innovation

Key engineering leadership concepts include:
Human Centered Design principles
Systems thinking
Rapid prototyping and testing
Shared understanding of stage gates among collaborators
Applying engineering skills in new areas such as service design

Social Media Promotional Support: There is social media promotional content and support for the Design Thinking event. The content assets can be used by your internal social media team, or we can manage the program. The Social Media content and support has the following components:
Pre-planning: Creating timelines for the event, branding the event for your departments, and creating event pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Hashtag designations.
Pre-Event: Daily posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ (Content can be used on internal blogs as well), links to 60 second video commercial spot.
During Event: Live Posts and images on Facebook, and Linkedin. Monitoring event hashtags and event mentions. (Live feed on Google+ and Hangout if desirable.)
Post-event: Event videos uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. Sum up best posts. Wrap up article for internal blogs. Post-cards are available should your departments desire to stay in touch with guests who came to the event.

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