This site is about exploring the aspects of design that are not always visible in final results.  Design Thinking” and “Design Leadership” are becoming  increasingly important conversations for designers to be aware of and contribute to.  Beyond having a strong portfolio, today’s creative professionals must be able to navigate a complex network of theory and discourses on “Design Thinking” and “Design Leadership.”  Capabilities  such as process thinking, cross-disciplinary collaboration, business development, and even organizational culture building are rivaling, and in some cases, replacing object design as the designers most crucial value proposition. Product Designers are becoming service designers, brand builders are becoming enterprise leaders, and artists,  engineers, and marketers work side by side in new whole-brained processes with names like Human Centered Design, Agile, and Stage-Gate.

The project of redefining and re-imagining ourselves is the focus of this website. We can’t rely on letting the stuff we make be the only contribution we bring to people’s lives. So even as making great stuff has become too cheap and easy to be a sustainable career strategy for designers, touching people’s lives with intelligent empathy continues to be a scarce commodity in every sector of the economy. However, this project means cultivating convictions and  theories about how to defy relentless market commodification for not only ourselves, but also for everyone else as well.  Playing a role in the success of others is what Seth Godin calls “selfless emotional labor,” and it requires designers to engage more then their materials, but also ideas and people.  This is why what we really do is invisible…we study, we listen, we imagine, we experiment, but above all, we care about improving the lives of people. We’re not in canvas anymore!

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